Volunteers are vital to our organization. We need your help to make our meetings possible. Volunteers must be a DIG  member for a year or have familiarity with this organization structure and background. Description of the Volunteer Positions we have are below.

If you are interested in volunteering but would like to know more information please send an email to [email protected]


DIG needs 2 friendly and personable volunteers at the main entrance to:

  • Greet Members and direct them to the registration table.
  • As well as welcome Guests, provide them with a Guest Sign-In form.


DIG needs 3 friendly and personable volunteers to:

  • Request Photo ID
  • Check name against list of guests from the last   12 months – Provide name tag, newsletter and application
  • Direct Guest to the DIG Dollar Wheel* The AV crew brings and picks up the supply box containing clipboards, guest cards and pens.
  • 1st time guests free, non-member one meeting cost is $25, 3mth trial membership is $50, 1yr membership $150 spouse $75 additional

DIG needs 2 volunteers who will instruct members to swipe their cards, to put their name tag on and escort expired members to Elaine.

ADMIN TABLE (Elaine’s Table)

DIG needs 1 volunteer to assist Elaine and to welcome members/guest who were brought to the table by the RUNNER.


DIG needs 1 volunteer to welcome new members/guest. Explain the time schedule of the meeting, layout of meeting room, instruct that name badges must be worn at all times, talk about benefits, talk about meeting topics, talk about digonline.org, explain what Answerline is, answer any questions.


DIG needs 1 friendly and personable volunteer to:

  • Ask Members if they have their membership cards, and direct them to the Member Sign In Station.-Direct Guest to Guest Table


Only Guest can spin the wheel. Guest will be given certificate for the amount spun, that certificate can be used towards their membership fee if they join that night. Guest are directed to the orientation round group. .


DIG needs to 2 volunteers that will direct Guest into the New Member side door, direct Members to Member Check-in. escort anyone paying to Elaine, and keep an eye on water (instruct the wait staff to please refill)


DIG needs 2 volunteers to stand at the entrance of the main meeting room to check that everyone is wearing a name badge, keep the entrance to main meeting room from bottlenecking and politely keep volume down in the Vendor Room while meeting is in progress.


DIG needs 2 volunteers to guide Members and Guest to empty seats, hand out any items needing to be distributed, run microphones around for Q&As.