Darrell M. Zaslow, HAPCO Legal Counsel

HAPCO members are aware of the importance of registering properties with the Philadelphia Gas Works in order to avoid having a lien placed on their property for the delinquent bill of a tenant. It is critical that every property be registered, or liens of many thousands of dollars can result. However, HAPCO has been advised by the PGW Landlord Cooperation Program that many owners are not properly registered, for various reasons including difficulty matching up rental license with the PGW data base. 

            After the end of the year 2011, PGW will start purging properties which are not fully registered. While the process is often not the fault of the owner, it is imperative that owners begin now to properly register any addresses which up until now have been in merely pending status.  PGW will be sending out letters to owners, in the form below. However, HAPCO owners should be advised to commence their own review of any rental property served by PGW to insure full protective registration, and commence attending to any licensing problems.


According to our records, you completed an enrollment application for our Landlord Cooperation Program (LCP). We have been able to enroll you as a landlord, however, you did not register specific properties into LCP. This means that your rental property(ies) are not registered in LCP and are subject to gas service liens.

In order to avoid lien placement, you must log into your LCP account by JANUARY 2, 2012 and register the rental properties that you want registered in LCP. If you do not do so by JANUARY 2, 2012, your pending participation in LCP will be terminated. This termination will remove all protection against lien placement by PGW on unregistered properties, and these properties will be subject to gas liens for gas usage incurred at the property after August 9, 2006 or date of sale if property purchased after August 9, 2006.

Please follow these instructions to register the property(ies):

• Log into the LCP account;

• If prompted, accept the terms and conditions of the program;

• When directed to the LCP HOME PAGE, click on the link VIEW ALL PROPERTIES under the heading PROPERTY MANAGEMENT;

• Click the box to acknowledge that the user is the owner of the property and then click on the tab entitled VIEW UNPROTECTED PROPERTIES. Once the new page loads, there will be three sections: COOPERATIVE PROPERTIES, UNCOOPERATIVE PROPERTIES and FIND ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES;

• Scroll down to the FIND ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES section. Enter the Department of Licenses and Inspection (L&I) license number and either the last name as it appears on the license or the property street name. Then click on the tab SEARCH FOR RENTAL LICENSE;

• The system will take you to the top of the page again. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the account’s license information. If everything is correct, click on the tab entitled YES, I AM THIS LANDLORD and follow the on-screen instructions to register the property;

• Follow these instructions until all licenses and properties are registered.

If you have any questions or you have trouble registering the property(ies), please contact the LCP Administrators at [email protected].

Thank you,

PGW Landlord Cooperation Program (LCP)

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