Donna Bauer speaking at Real Estate Investor Group (Philadelphia)

Donna Bauer speaking at Real Estate Investor Group (Philadelphia) Diversified Real Estate Investor Group (DIG) is having Donna Bauer, a national speaker, at their February 23rd meeting. Donna Bauer, […]

Pacific Heights Revisted?

The Newton system, according to court documents and dozens of interviews with adversaries, goes something like this: The 51-year old Newark man moves his family into an apartment or house, and soon stops paying rent. He then complains about unsavory living conditions that, landlords say, he created. At some point, his attack escalates and conditions in the rented apartment or house worsen, lawyers and landlords say. Newton continues to complain. Next, lawyers and landlords say, he calls code enforcement and accuses landlords of renting substandard housing. From there, the legal battle is on.

Government Grants for Lead Paint

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced that they are making grants available for lower income homes to help eliminate lead-based paint and […]

PECO Electric Rates Going Up

PECO Electric Rates Going Up What you can do to save What happens after Jan. 1? Are the rates going to jump 30% like some of […]