Bring your deals to the meeting and have them presented in front of the group for all to hear about. Are you looking for a property in a specific area? This is the place to ask!

You can share any property that you OWN and want to sell, or any property that you have a contract on that you wish to wholesale to another person.

Do you have something that you no longer want that someone else may find value in that you want to trade?  You can trade services (plumbing work for electrical work) or items (refrigerator for a washer, dryer, single home for two rows) You must be at the meeting to fill out the form and present the deal. Deals will be on a first come basis and as time allows, so get there early to get at the top of the list!

Click to download the  Steals and Deals Form

Bring print outs for people to take home and business cards so people can contact you DIRECTLY for more information.

Submit to: [email protected]