Hapco Philadelphia Sues City Hall To Halt Unconstitutional Housing Laws

And We Need Your Help!
Hapco Philadelphia has been working with tenants to keep them in their homes during the pandemic: setting up payment plans, waiving late fees and helping renters access financial help.But our legal counsel says the recent passage of five City Council housing bills mandating those measures is an unconstitutional overreach and must be stopped!

Hapco Philadelphia lead attorney, Colin Dougherty, with Fox Rothschild, finds that:
Extension of State Eviction Moratorium:

Mandatory Eviction Diversion Program:

Mandatory 9-Month Back Rent Repayment Program

Mandatory Renter Lockout Damages Program:

Mandatory Waiving of Late Fees on Back Rent:

A Hapco Philadelphia lawsuit is being filed, seeking an injunction to stop these unfair housing laws. Our Legal Defense Fund needs your support!

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 HAPCO is Philadelphia’s largest association of residential investment and rental property owners and managers. We advocate for fair and reasonable private property rights, through equitable tenant-landlord legislation, mediation, education, and professional management practices.

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Immediate Action is Required.

On Thursday, June 18th, 2020, Philadelphia City Council Passed 5 New City Ordinances that ADVERSELY IMPACT YOUR RIGHTS TO COLLECT RENT AND ENFORCE THE TERMS OF YOUR LEASES.   These ordinances violate the US Constitution, the Pennsylvania State Constitution and the PA Landlord & Tenant Act.  Landlords must unite & aggressively litigate to overturn this horrific legislation.  Our rights – and our livelihoods – depend on it.


Eviction Moratorium:  Evictions for non-payment are effectively stopped until after August 31, 2020.

No Late Fees:   Late fees are effectively prohibited for approximately 12 mos. until May 31, 2021. 

No Legal Fees:  Legal fees billed to tenants are effectively prohibited for approximately 12 mos.

Mandatory Re-Payment Plans:  The City is mandating landlords enter into out of court, (i.e. non-binding), 9 month repayment plans with delinquent tenants – prior to being able to file Landlord & Tenant Complaints.

Mandatory Reconciliation Conferences:   The City is mandating landlords have pre-hearing negotiations with tenants in an effort to find out of court solutions to cases.

Self-Help Evictions:  Penalties for illegal lock-outs are substantially increased.

Rent Control:  This was included, but then pulled from the final legislation – rest assured it will be back !!!!!!!

WE NEED YOUR HELP IMMEDIATELY.  HAPCO Philadelphia has retained the law firm of Fox Rothschild, LLP to litigate in an effort to overturn this new legislation.  The legal battle will be expensive – we need everyone’s help.  Please contribute to the fight by sending a Donation TODAY. HAPCO – PHILADELPHIA LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, 2101 Chestnut St., Suite #1615, Philadelphia, PA  19103.  (Suggested donation = $50 per rental or as your means will allow.)

For additional information, or to receive copies of the new ordinances, please contact DIG Member, Jim Bennett at propmgmt@rentphilly.net.   Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!