InvestHER’s Andresa Guidelli on Managing Rehab Projects

After completing her second master’s – the first an MBA, the second a degree in professional business communications – Andresa Guidelli decided to go into sales.

She took a job with Verizon, doing business-to-business sales door-to-door for Verizon. It wasn’t so much that she wanted to go into sales. Guidelli knew that she needed to.

“After I graduated, I realized I didn’t have any sales experience,” said Guidelli, co-host of the Real Estate InvestHER podcast and this month’s speaker at DIG’s membership meeting“I really understood that having sales skills is something I’d use for whatever path I decided to go.”

And it was a good lesson. She worked with business owners, discovering what it took for them to build their business. She learned the importance of providing customized solutions.

But how does that translate to the world of real estate investing?

“When we’re looking to buy a property, if we don’t fully understand what the seller’s needs are, it doesn’t really matter,” said Guidelli, director of Real Estate Development for Campenella & Columbus Construction. “You can send whatever offer you want. If you don’t build a relationship and let them know who we are as people, they’re not going to buy into whatever you’re trying to do.

Guidelli hopes to share more of her knowledge with Philadelphia real estate investors when she addresses the DIG membership July 25 on “Tools and Systems for Managing Rehab Projects and Scaling Your Business.”

One of the topics she’ll discuss is the importance of the pre-construction phase.

“Construction doesn’t start when you put the shovel to the dirt. It really starts prior to that. I’m going to talk about how we can all gain time during that pre-construction phase.”

“For example: every time I get a property under contract, it’s non-negotiable. I want to have access to the property. Because I want to get bids on it. I want to get my architect there. I want to get my engineer there. Whoever I want there, I want the access to do that.”

She’ll also discuss the benefits of doing multiple projects at once, although she recognizes it may not be a tactic for people who are just starting out.

“During my career, I realized that the energy we spend building one house is the same as we spend building two or three houses next two each other,” said Guidelli. “It’s a matter of ‘How can I leverage everything?’”

She described building three houses next to each other. In that situation, she can leverage with a general contractor and better negotiate with suppliers. She’s putting in three foundations. It doesn’t matter how much concrete is coming, the delivery fees are still the same.

Guidelli said investors should also ask themselves if they’re ready to scale.

“If you multiplied what you have by 10 or 20, would you be OK with that, or would it be chaos? Sometimes we’re prepared for the worst, but we’re not prepared for the best.”

In addition to her work with Campanella and Columbus, Guidelli also owns a small rental portfolio of long-term and short-term rentals in Philadelphia.

She is also the co-founder of Monarch: Short Term Rentals. Long Term Relationships, which a “5 Step Conversion Package” for real estate investors who own long term rentals and want to diversify their portfolio through the short term rental arena.

If you’d like to hear more from Guidelli while also connecting with other Philadelphia area real estate investors and professionals, register for our July meeting.