Rym Benchaar of GrowthSpace on Finding Sellers with Digital Marketing

Drive around pretty much any part of the country for long enough and you’ll see signs advertising “We Buy Homes for Cash.”

They must be somewhat effective – why else would we keep seeing them? – yet we have to wonder how much more successful they’d be with some different messaging.

Rym Benchaar wonders the same thing. She’s the founder of GrowthSpace Digital, which specializes in helping clients generate qualified and consistent leads. We’ve invited her to speak to DIG members at an all-day workshop on Saturday, April 6.

Rym has helped dozens of real estate investors by helping them generate new leads through innovative yet cost-effective digital marketing practices.

When it comes to investing in real estate, “I think a lot of traditional marketing still applies,” Rym said in a recent phone interview.

“But nowadays, because everybody is so connected, you need to be present everywhere. So if you’re still applying all those formulas, the traditional media, direct mail, things like that, that’s fine. but if you want to be fully present, you need to leverage the digital aspect as well.”

Feeling the seller’s pain

Part of that involves coming up with communication strategies that can grab a potential seller’s interest.

“When we develop any copy talking to our ideal audience, we need to put ourselves in their shoes and understand their pain,” Rym says.

That lets investors put together a well-crafted message that tells sellers they understand their pain and can solve their problems.

“Looking at the real estate investing industry, this is not happening,” Rym says. I still see ‘We buy homes for cash. And I don’t think that’s really customized for an audience that is feeling that pain.”

Something a bit more personalized might do the trick, she says.

“’Get rid of your home fast.’ I just changed a couple of words. It’s still just as short, but it speaks a little more to the audience in terms of ‘Hey, we can help you.’”

Entering unfamiliar territory

Rym says she recognizes that communicating in a digital space, particularly in busy social media platforms, might seem daunting.

“There’s a level of discomfort they have to overcome but that’s like anything else in any business,” she said. “It seems overwhelming but once you know how it actually works it’s not as bad. My goal is to simplify this process.”

If nothing else, Rym says she hopes the investors who attend her workshop will come away comfortable with the idea of advertising online.

“It’s pretty much proven,” she says. “There are already a lot of investors who are ahead of the game, who are already investing with social media and getting results.”

We hope you’ll join us on April 6 for Rym’s workshop. In addition to communication strategies, her sessions will also cover:

  • How to position yourself as an online authority in the real estate investment world
  • How to use Google and social media to search for potential sellers
  • How to nurture your leads until they are prepared to close the deal

The workshop is scheduled to run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Philadelphia-Valley Forge on DeKalb Pike in King of Prussia.

Register before March 29 to get a discount on registration. DIG will provide lunch. You can click here to fill out your registration. We hope to see you April 6.

Rym Benchaar will also be speaking at our DIG General Membership Meeting on Thursday, March 28thClick here to find out more about the General Membership Meeting.